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ARCAL is our full range of shielding gases used in arc welding, root shielding or plasma cutting

High productivity and overall cost management due to :

- high welding speeds
- excellent penetration profiles
- extra low spattering
- and excellent pool appeal

High quality results due to :

- controlled impurity level
- consistent and homogeneous mix
- extra low humidity and oxygen levels particularly in plasma or TIG processes

Better working conditions for the welder:

- low fume and gas emissions
- low spattering and excellent arc control as well as easy parameter set-up

Each gas or mix of the ARCAL range delivers optimum performance for a specific application.
ARCAL has been developed at the AIR LIQUIDE R&D center and is available worldwide with the same strictly-controlled specifications.
ARCAL gases and mixes are available in cylinders, bundles or bulk mixing installations, as well as in the ALTOP format.

Compared to available standard gas solutions, ARCAL is genuine performance booster.

We operate in very diverse markets...

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